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Bamboo Fly Rods. Based on classic rod tapers developed by master craftsmen over decades of design, trial, and adjustments, our rods are made for sport fly fishermen (and women) who appreciate the nuances and special characteristics of bamboo. Born on the banks of Montana's rivers. 99 $1,099. Walt Carpenter. 9. is best described as possibly used very little. Add to Cart. Winston has been making BAMBOO rods since 1929, when Robert Winther and Lew Stoner first began innovating using split bamboo cane. Bamboo Tips Home. These supporters know the secret to getting the most from their fly-fishing endeavors. When you order a fly rod from me, a culm is selected and your invoice number is ascribed to it. The rods I designed are 10 1/2′, providing lots of mending and critical hook setting quickness followed by superb fish fighting shock absorbing action. A. Gunpowder River Rods is a Maryland-based manufacturer of bamboo fly rods. Made in the USA Sweetgrass is bamboo. Over the past ten years we've perfected our taper designs and use only the highest quality components when constructing our rods. Maxcatch responsible for the best clear bamboo material in Japan. and Canada. Our heirloom-quality bamboo fly-fishing rods are steeped in tradition: You can't help but stand in awe of the fine craftsmanship that shapes these fly rods into works of art. Whether you’re casting to a rising trout on a spring creek, or chasing a blue line on a map, Winston bamboo fly rods are the perfect instrument. Our 25 year existence has been made possible by our enthusiastic supporters who continuously chose the durability and elegance of Kane Klassics rods. A bamboo rod in longer rod lengths will be heavier than a graphite rod, but an experienced fisherperson will note, as your casting improves, one tends to take fewer casting strokes. Includes: Cloth sack. Quick Shop. Every bamboo fly rod is different. The making of bamboo fly rods is a craft that almost died out because the number of rod makers was elderly, limited and secretive; the old bamboo rod makers kept their cards close to their vest. Each one is carefully hand-made, one-at-a-time, to meet the desires of the most discriminating fly fishers. Tufts & Batson Bamboo Fly Rods--Makers of No Ordinary Fly Rod. Vintage combo Fly and Casting Bamboo Fishing Rod Made by Kiraku& Co. Black River Fly Shop Bamboo Fly Rod Tich\Gun Smoke Snake Guide Set Clear Agate #8 Green. Oyster on. Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods is a family business in the most classic sense. $3,500. If you're looking for one to fish with, I'd like to suggest you look for a Tonkin cane rod. BAMBOO FLY RODS. New Bamboo Fly Rod 7'0" #4,Engraved reelseat with Agate Stripper Guide. A bamboo rod of this caliber persuades me away from my competitive fly-fishing Alton Bamboo Fly Rod purchases come with a one-time replacement warranty. . The standard of hand-made split-bamboo fly rods & the tradition of fly fishing. Black River Fly Shop Braided Fly Line Backing 20 lb 100 Meters White\Black. L. Price: $150. I have the finest planes money can buy, a metal lathe and a roughing beveller. Tufts & Batson Bamboo Fly Rods are made in St. The Bamboo Fly Rod enthusiast has become world wide. A Martin Bamboo Fly Rod. All sections are straight and one tip is down 1/2" at the ferrule end. Located on the bank of the West Branch of the Delaware River in Hancock, New York, Dennis Menscer is making some of the finest bamboo rods in the world. A blonde bamboo fly rod which is honey colored. GRIZZLY BAMBOO RODS We are a small split cane bamboo fly rod building company located in Columbia Falls, Montana. Superior quality components are used with unlimited options for custom orders. This is an View full product details. Niemiera Fly rods are made from seasoned Tonkin cane. Wagner - Bamboo Rod Maker - Exemplary bamboo rods, blanks and accessories for the discerning fly fisher-folk. Tom Morgan. Made from Tonkin Cane imported from China. 2/1 Prima Competition Bamboo Fly Rod, #2214922 Phillipson Royal Fiberglass 9ft. L. I grabbed a size 18 PMD spinner, tied Our own Fly Reels! The Bamboo Fly Reels will be available again while quanties last! New! Our newest rod offering! The Pentatonic, 7' 4/5wt. J. and notify them of the damage. Born in Alaska Our obsession with fly fishing couldn't have happened in a better place. Signature Series plus -full coverage hand engraving by W. Pale-morning duns, dead and dying from their exhaustive mating efforts, spun lazily down to the river’s surface. I stood in the middle of a big slick, halfway between where the riffles ended and the current essentially disappeared. Rod building has always been a Winston forte, and the Winston Bamboo rod series is no different. It has the best Quality and very unique in our world. Carpenter, Walt – 8' 0" 4 tip, 4 or 5 weight. Many are enhanced with hand engraved metal parts. Powell, and fell iin love with their lightweight, responsive feel. Links include the Rodmakers page, dedicated to those who build split-bamboo fly rods and the fly rods page explains the rods we build. Since 1973 Marc Aroner has been building high-performance bamboo fly rods for anglers around the world. You can also see some special rodmaking tools like the oven used to heat treat bamboo or the Garrison style binder used to bind freshly glued sections. Discovered in the 1800's, the bamboo I've built several graphite fly rods that I use today. This is our most popular rod series. D. $399. In the event of a major break, or other significant structural damage, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to contact Alton Fly Rods, LLC. Years ago, I began hollow building bamboo fly rods in the tradition of E. one ferrule needs to be reglued. Our rods offer perhaps the finest experience a fly fisher can have by replicating what are considered to be the top ten tapers ever conceived and crafted in the history of bamboo rod making. Clicking on the number will allow you to view the taper, as measured every five inches from the tip. He believes to be called a "custom rod" it must be customized to a particular buyer. TOM MORGAN BAMBOO. • 2 piece 1 tip Rods $1,100. This six and one-half-foot rod designed for #3wt double taper This rod has continually compelled me to pursue the art of dry fly fishing, and perfecting the technique of coaxing picky brown trout to slurping up my dry fly. Bamboo Fly Rods and Bamboo Fly rod Making classes - Offering custom bamboo fly rods hand engraved by Bill Oyster, bamboo rod making classes, and a complete assortment of traditionally styled fly fishing reels, accessories and gifts. Meet our top pick, the Headwaters Deluxe series. Split-cane Bamboo 8FT 6WT Fly Fishing Rod Unique Hand Made Rod. 00 $499. Blanks used are of superior quality Tonkin bamboo, aged and heat treated, with close inspection throughout Bamboo Fly Rods. Fish rose, snacking on the spinner fall. Our fly fishing community has started to go old school, welcoming the custom hand made fly rods and their history. These rods are built to be fished and find favor among anglers that seek the joys of bamboo but have no intention of giving their fly rods Rod # PYP76 is a restored Paul Young Prosperity Rod 7’6″ in length and casts a smooth five weight line. Bamboo fly rod 9093 double tip. 2/1, 6 3/8 oz. Included with this rod are the original bag including faint hang-tag, and an L. In addition, fly rods and proper fly presentation take a balanced outfit. 3 piece travel rods are very popular with traveling fisherman I've built several graphite fly rods that I use today. Product Reviews Headwaters Bamboo Bamboo Fly Rod Top Pick!. Little River Rods. in Montague City, Mass. These are truly custom rods. My fly rods are available as classic " blond rods " which are oven heat treated, or as " flame tempered " which produce a straw color fly rod having rich beautiful dark amber tints. These rods feature a slow rod action, loads of feel and feedback, and incredible line and loop control. TOM MORGAN RODSMITHS. JD Wagner Bamboo Rodmaker/ Maker of Split Cane Fly Rods Celebrating Our 26th. And at the same time, making your fly angling adventures memorable. Commercial firms produce rods that approximate $3,000. Welcome to Tebo Bamboo Fly Rods, located in the historic town of Old Tavernier in The Florida Keys. HANDCRAFTED FLY RODS BUILT IN BOZEMAN, MT. 22. 00! Brookie Fly Rod Review! This is a link to the review of our Brookie Fly Rod published in Fly Rod & Reel Magazine! We now have our popular "Bamboo Rod Taper Design with RodDNA Designer" . New Bamboo Fly Rod Blank Best Budget Option. Products bamboo fly rods. There are few things better than a great bamboo fly rod, and here you'll find our collection of premium bamboo fly rods in stock and available for sale. We’re sure you’ll enjoy your stay! I think that everyone would agree that we owe a debt to Jerry Foster, who created the Rodmakers site. START CUSTOMIZING. Reams Bamboo Fly Rods Home Page I like to spot and stalk trout in difficult waters, and the bamboo rods I carefully hand craft reflect that. Now you can own a new bamboo rod accurately recreated from the original vintage manufacturer's specifications. This warranty applies to all major breaks, or significant structural damage. Zhu New Bamboo Fly Rod Blank 6'9" for #4 Line Wt,2 Piece with 2 Tips. This rod brings us back to that significant moment every angler shares—the first time we picked up a bamboo fly rod. I've built several graphite fly rods that I use today. Each rod is made completely by hand, from the cane splitting process to the finishing. I’m a basement rod builder, but I have what is necessary to put together a quality bamboo fly rod or casting or spinning rod for that matter. Our fly rods are handcrafted in Vermont, in the style of the early rod makers, with an emphasis on durability and performance to meet the needs of the modern fly fisherman. I feel inspired to diversify away from my tendency of modern nymphing which is my go-to fishing technique. Welcome to BambooRodmaking. When stalking those wary trout with dries on small spring fed streams; this is the fly rod that you want. Headwaters is a U. 6' 6" 4 weight . • 3 piece 2 tip Rods $1,700. sold out. F. – Highland Mills 8' 0" 3wt $2,950. All the sections are full length and original. $450. , as well as rods from contemporary rodmakers. Experience Sweetgrass Rods. More Info bamboo fly rods best bamboo fly rods Why American made bamboo rods are so expensive The prices have much to do with the fame of the maker. Carlin Bamboo :: Maker of Fine Hexagonal, Quadrate and Rectangular Quadrate Split Cane Bamboo Fly Rods and Blanks for Freshwater and Saltwater Pezon et Michel 8ft. I tried fishing with it but it was a real "dog" compared to a graphite rod, which you can fish with all day. Custom Fly Rods. Kane Klassics has been crafting bamboo and graphite rods since 1988. com, the home of tips, tricks, contraptions and general knowledge all dedicated to the art of bamboo fly rod making. Shenandoah Rods have been creating premium handcrafted bamboo fly rods created for the discriminating angler for over 20 years. I am self-taught at this craft, although it is an extension of my fine woodworking career. A great little casting rod that can handle any situation on a small stream . We feature our own fly rods -- when we have them -- as well as rods from many well-known and historic names such as Leonard, Payne, Gillum, Young, Maxwell, Howells, etc. Leonard started to make bamboo rods exclusively until his death in 1907. Here, in a place rich with rod making history, each Franich bamboo fly rod is skillfully crafted. The first fly fishing rods were made from ash and lacewood, but in 1874 H. 4. Model 663. Summers, 4 1/2 ft. The best priced custom bamboo rods on the market, starting at $865. Give the Gift of a Fly Rod. Made in the USA Handmade Fly Rods With Finely Tuned Tapers. C. As a bamboo rod maker I belong to a limited fraternity of Fly Fishers dedicated to ensuring the availability of fine hand made split cane fly rods. 7 out of 5 stars 4 Behold the beauty and handling of a classic Split Cane Bamboo Fly Rod. Give someone you love a wonderful surprise of a hand made Bamboo Fly Rod. Also providing Steel Head bamboo fly rods. 00 $4,000. We currently make and build 35-40 bamboo fly rods a year depending on our fly fishing schedule. Hang tag is from Cook, Newton, and Smith - a tackle house in Boston that Edwards made some rods for. Early in the 1970’s my fishing partner, Jim Chrisman, and I were convinced that we needed bamboo fly rods. But if your temperament is running and gunning, bamboo isn’t for you. New Bamboo Fly Rods. Design for professional B. Louis USA. The F. Step into the stream with a Tufts & Batson Bamboo Fly Rod. RK Bolt. 99. Redwing Fly Rods designs and restores bamboo fly rods. Bradley Bamboo Rod Company. • 3 piece 1 tip Rods $1,300. RL Winston. started in 1993 and today crafts the finest Split Bamboo Fly Rods. Dennis is featured in the upcoming 2019 documentary, Chasing the Taper, a film documenting the lives and work of some of the greatest living bamboo fly rod makers. We also perform the highest quality repairs & restorations on fine antique rods. The graphite rod is a 4 pc rod with fighting butt and the Bamboo Fly Rod is a 3 pc with fighting butt. I have created several series of rods designed specifically to satisfy the demands of the accomplished angler when fishing the freestone streams of the Blue Ridge Mountains for Native Brook Trout. Thomas and Thomas. Particulars For your consideration is a Walt Carpenter bamboo fly rod. They build rods of different strength and weight to fish many different species. I grabbed a size 18 PMD spinner, tied Tufts & Batson Bamboo Fly Rods. The company would continue to make rods for almost eight decades under various ownership, including surviving a fire in 1964 which virtually destroyed the shop. All of the quality features and models of the. ” As a bamboo rod maker I belong to a limited fraternity of Fly Fishers dedicated to ensuring the availability of fine hand made split cane fly rods. R1810. Bamboo rods have the major upside of being sturdy, but even if you break it, you will not lose a ton of money, unlike with other graphite, fiberglass, or metal rods. Modern Classic Bamboo Fly Rods Headwaters Bamboo has been building modern classic and quality affordable bamboo fly rods for over 18 years. This classic fishing rod from the Edwards-Bristol era is a fine 4 wt dry fly rod. Small makers with a good reputation will charge from $1000 to $2,000. Classic Series Bamboo rods are built around finely tuned tapers resulting in extremely smooth, medium actions. Another option from Zhu, A selection of classic bamboo, fiberglass and graphite fly rods offered for sale or trade. All sections are the same length and measure 36 5/8 inches long. Available in 7 – 12 wt line sizes. Each cast is slower and deliberate, forcing you to slow down and become one with the setting around you. 23. Because bamboo stalks have natural bumps or nodes, the next step will be to file or sand the nodes down, and then apply heat to flatten them out using a heat gun. You’ll love the price of this fly rod, that’s why it’s our pick for the ZHU Bamboo Fly Rod. If . Inc. 00. Durability and Performance. Building the world's best bamboo fly rods and celebrating the history and craftsmanship of fly fishing. Vintage Montague "Rapidan" split bamboo fly rod. Headwaters Bamboo is all about modern classics. Chances are good that the bamboo work was done for Young’s shop by Edwards. Since 1999, Dave has fulfilled custom fly rod orders. One needs a fly reel on a cane rod to balance out the additional weight and in so doing Bamboo fly rod descriptions and their tapers. Filing and Heating. We have been in business for 6 years with the first 2 years dedicated to learning to make and build split cane bamboo fly rods. Back when I started building fly rods, I bought an old bamboo rod and rebuilt it. This is the only solid rod I build. You can confidently fish an affordable, quality bamboo fly rod that that will cast as smooth as butter and be your go-to rod when you're looking to get out into the slow lane. The lowest priced custom bamboo rods on the market, at only $600. Bean leather zippered sleeve. 3 Reasons to Try Bamboo Fly Rods. This rod is nothing short of a master piece with "best shotgun. This Montague"Rapidan" 9 foot. Typical screw lock seat for larger rods with fighting butt. Our Master Series bamboo fly rod is truly exceptional. Located in historic Roswell, Georgia, ARC Fly Rods opened in late 2019, bringing rod building workshops, custom bamboo rods for sale, and professional instruction to share their expertise and love of fishing with split-cane rods. Whether it's bamboo or classic fly reels, silk lines, or hip waders, we are making old school cool again. The impregnated finish creates a rod that is incredibly durable while still pleasing on the eye. Perfect Harmony on the stream with Tufts & Batson makers of Bamboo Fly Rods. Signature Trout rod pricing. If the rod is made by hand a bamboo rod will take about 80 hours to make. What follows is some of the rods built from rod tapers of classic as well as todays makers. Today he continues this tradition in his New England workshop and also sells classic and vintage fly tackle. Flaming color can be light,medium or dark. Payne, E. From vintage fly rods made of bamboo by Leonard and Thomas, through the pinnacle of fiberglass and graphite, to today's custom makers working with all blank materials. I also offer new build bamboo fly rods for sale and cane repair. Our bamboo rods are not made for everyone - they're hand crafted for you. This rod has continually compelled me to pursue the art of dry fly fishing, and perfecting the technique of coaxing picky brown trout to slurping up my dry fly. I have been fishing split bamboo fly rods for nearly three decades, and have been making them since 1999. Ron Barch has been working with fishing rods for more than 25 years, first assembling fiberglass and graphite blanks, and eventually graduating to making split bamboo fly rods. Two tips, two line weights. 7. I specialize in new building projects, historical restorations, and complete repairs in cane, glass, or graphite. Whether you are fly fishing for trout in Redding, or crappie – If you are buying the best bamboo fly fish rod, then you must invest in a sensible, affordable rod option. • 2 piece 2 tip Rods $1,500. Each six-sided bamboo fly rod is hand split and hand planed of genuine Tonkin cane harvested from the hillside region along the Sui River in Guangdong Province, China. for less than $900. 1 Piece Kane Klassics has been crafting bamboo and graphite rods since 1988. D. Kretchman Rod Co. $350. Fish bamboo. style engraving" on reel seat and ferrules. BlackRiver Fly Shop Bamboo Fly Rod Tich\Gun Smoke Snake Guide Set Agate #8 Red. in Tokyo, Japan- 8 Pieces- Fly Rod measures about 7' 3" and the casting rod about 5' you use the two bottom pieces for both types of rod- Fly tip has a slight bend- Handle has a cork to closed off the end that is not being used but is dry and ready to crumble- It is in overall good condition, some marks from use and age Bamboo fly rods are about cadence - the cadence of life itself. #9/10 Line Custom Hand Built Bamboo Casting By Lloyd E. Handmade Fly Rods With Finely Tuned Tapers. “We look at Sweetgrass Rods as our opportunity to contribute to the fine tradition of bamboo fly rod building as well as to share our beliefs in what can be accomplished if we all work together for a common good. Experience the quality of a custom handcrafted fly rod. Over the years he has been fortunate to develop his angling skills by traveling throughout the U. Each case is custom made. Sam Carlson. Offering custom bamboo fly rods, bamboo rod making classes, and a complete assortment of traditionally styled reels, lines, and accessories, Oyster Fine Bamboo Fly Rods is a small, family-owned business in the most classic sense. Neither of us could afford any of the rods that were available, so we spent our weekend searching through garage sales in Paradise California looking for a great deal. A bamboo rod of this caliber persuades me away from my competitive fly-fishing The fly rod tip will be made from the top five feet, and since most rods have an extra tip, you should split the top five feet of the bamboo into 12 pieces. Blackburn Custom Bamboo Fly Rods. We have patented the hollow-fluting bamboo rod building process, set numerous bamboo world distance fly casting records, and maintained an uninterrupted 92-year commitment to building the most beautiful, highest performing bamboo fly rods available anywhere. S. Each strip of the six strips in each rod section is painstakingly hand-planed to exacting tolerances. 3 piece split bamboo fly rod made by Montague Rod& Reel Co. Purchase a Gift Card.